E t h i c a l  p o l i c i e s

BD/TN is committed to being as ethical a business as possible. This entails not only distributing from independent and small-scale makers, but prioritising queer, disabled, BIPOC, & otherwise disadvantaged and marginalised artists. Our main purpose is to bring makers’ products to audiences they may not otherwise have accessed, thereby giving them more time and energy to work on their craft.

We also hold to this commitment on the cultural - aesthetic level, and will not stock any products or producers that partake in or benefit from cultural appropriation and white supremacy (a problem which must be acknowledged as especially pervasive among witchy and “pagan” makers). If you perceive anything on this web site to be appropriative or exploitative, please let us know; we will always be open to critique and discussion.

C u s t o m e r  p o l i c i e s

I. Sizing

Sizes will be non-gendered and assigned based on the range available from the producer; makers with the largest possible range of sizes will be prioritised, as well as sellers who work on a made - to - order basis. As standards may differ from seller to seller, sizes will be listed in metric units for accuracy.

II. Shipping

Shipping costs and times may differ from seller to seller, and will depend on the distance between the seller and buyer in question. However, where possible, estimates will be listed in product descriptions, and different shipping options will be provided. Package tracking will also be made available where possible.

An additional 2 - 4 weeks must be allowed for production when ordering items that are made on demand.

Unfortunately, we cannot combine shipping for items from different sellers.

III. Returns & exchanges

Return and exchange policies may differ between sellers; specifics will be listed in product descriptions.

D i s t r i b u t o r  p o l i c i e s

I. Agreements

Business relationships between BD/TN and makers are non-contractual and established via mutual agreement, which will be put in writing for both parties’ records. We aim to be as professionally accommodating and flexible a collaborator as possible, as we understand that artists have needs and responsibilities outside of their work.

This shop operates on a drop - shipping basis, meaning that orders are forwarded to the seller once a product has been purchased in the shop, but wholesale agreements may potentially be negotiated.